Eyes of the Lich Queen

The Story Thus Far...
Lizards, dragons, and traps, oh my!

Hired by a researcher named Sur’kil, the adventurers departed from Sharn to Adderport in Q’Barra. Looking for the fabled Temple of Kha’shazul, the group was to search for a set of relics dating to the Age of Demons, a time when dragons and demons warred for control of the world. The trip through the Q’Barran was hard, but after a week of travel the mercenaries found the temple, but it was far from unoccupied. A group of dragon-worshiping lizardfolk had taken up in the old building and the grounds around it, terrorizing the more peaceful tribes in the surrounding jungles. After clearing out the temple and their twin dragon leaders, the party learned of a set of tunnels below the temple hidden behind a wall no dragon could see through. Steeling their courage after one of their party had fallen, the adventurers began to descend further into the true temple.

The area below was filled with traps and nightmare creatures not native to the group’s world. Eventually this handful of warriors managed to find a chamber containing two relics and an altar protecting by an ancient undead half-dragon creature, an eternal guardian intent on allowing none to leave the chamber. As the battle raged on, the altar began to collect magical energies, and as the guardian finally fell the energies released, seemingly having no effect on the people within the chamber. With their objective obtained, the party left, mourning the loses they had suffered in the process.

The route of the lizardfolk cultists made the return trip to Adderport much simpler, but strange beasts prowl the jungles of Q’Barra, causing the mercenaries a measure of grief as they hacked their way through the vegetation. Once Adderport was in sight, the group became accosted by a group of Emerald Claw soldiers led by a women that could only be a priestess of Vol. Dura ir’Matellan asked only for the Dragon’s Eye to be given over to them, but none in the group of warriors would yield their prizes to them. The women fled as her soldiers laid into the adventurers, but the soldiers’ skills were not enough to overcome the adventures. Victorious, the part returned to Adderport, only to be overcome by great pains as odd shapes akin to dragonmarks appeared on their skin. Speaking to Sur’kil about the strange marks, he recalled a story of an explorer named Jheamast, whose band died by the curse of the Altar of the Dragon’s Eye. If the adventurers had any chance of surviving, they had to track down a journal of a man named Eliam who found Jheamast’s tomb on the isle of Trebaz Sinara; the journal was rumored to be stored somewhere in the Lhazaar Principalities.

After tracking down the location of Eliam’s journal to an ex-Karnaathi noble named Vorgaard, the mercenaries had to race against an Order of the Emerald Claw ship to Vorgaard’s private estate. By the time the group arrived at the estate, the Claw had already reached the mansion and had lit it on fire. Braving the inferno, the party cut their way through the ranks of Emerald Claw soldiers and reached the library, eventually finding both Dura and a band of strange monks dedicated to Vol. Killing all opposition, the party took the journal from the monks, but became stuck in the building as the fire spread through it. The fighter Alec was able to use a potion to escape through the fire, but the rest of the party had to jump from the building to the stormy seas below, almost killing 2 more of the members. Eventually the ship managed to rescue them all and take them back to the larger Principalities, but several of the adventurers no longer wished to go on, leaving the rest to try and find recruits for the dangers ahead.


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