Assorted Rules

Critical Hits & Fumbles

We will be using the Paizo Critical Hit & Fumble Decks during play. The following rules will be implemented during play:

  • Each player will be given 5 Critical Hit cards at the beginning of play. When confirming a critical hit, any one card can be used for the given effect (a player can choose instead to forgo the use of a card and do their normal critical damage). Players will then be able to draw a new card to replace the one used.
  • The damage on the card will be increased by one step for every multiplier above x2. In other words, for a x3 weapon cards saying “normal damage” will be increased to double damage, cards saying “double damage” will be increased to triple damage, and so on.
  • The DC for any card effect is equal to the confirmation roll plus applicable modifiers (i.e. the total amount used to confirm the critical).
  • Critical Hit cards cannot be used to counteract Critical Fumble cards.

Vital Strike

The use of the feat Vital Strike is not restricted to just single attack actions. It can also be used on charges and with Spring Attacks.

Assorted Rules

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