Character Creation

Ability Scores
Use the 25-point buy from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.

Starting Wealth
For level 7 characters: 23 500 gp
This gold cannot be used for crafting.
At least half of this gold must be spent before the character can play.
From the Pathfinder Reference Document:

  • Table: Character Wealth by Level can also be used to budget gear for characters starting above 1st level, such as a new character created to replace a dead one. Characters should spend no more than half their total wealth on any single item. For a balanced approach, PCs that are built after 1st level should spend no more than 25% of their wealth on weapons, 25% on armor and protective devices, 25% on other magic items, 15% on disposable items like potions, scrolls, and wands, and 10% on ordinary gear and coins. Different character types might spend their wealth differently than these percentages suggest; for example, arcane casters might spend very little on weapons but a great deal more on other magic items and disposable items.

Starting Traits
All characters can take 2 traits at creation. However, any Dragonmark traits are mutually exclusive and can only be taken once.

Starting Experience
For level 7 characters: 35 000 exp
The game will use the medium experience track.

Character Creation

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