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Campaign Details

This campaign will take place in the Eberron setting. Relevant details and rules will be placed here when needed.



Lhazaar Principalities – Details on the confederation of small islands off the east coast of Khorvaire.


Regalport – “Capital” of the Lhazaar Principalities.

Port Verge – Up-and-coming town in the Principalities.

Interesting Sites

Dreadhold – The most powerful and infamous prison in Khorvaire.

Gray Tide – An eerie stretch of sea that few sailors can successfully navigate.

Trebaz Sinara – A haunted isle, few people in the world would be willing to venture there.

Other Notes

Swiftwind – The Swiftwind is a House Lyrrandar ship that Sur’kil has hired for your use. The crew of the ship is outlined here.

House Rules

Character Creation – Important notes on creating characters can be found here.

Assorted Rules – Any other house rules will be listed here.

Campaign Traits – To facilitate making characters in keeping with the campaign, the linked page provides optional traits for PCs. The list is by no means exhaustive, but traits from other sources (such as the Advanced Player’s Guide) or synthesized for a specific background require GM approval.

Dragonmarks – The dragonmarks described in the Eberron Campaign Setting are allowed for PC use in this campaign. However, there will be some adjustments to make it more in keeping with the Pathfinder gaming system, as listed in the linked page.

Eberron Races – The Eberron Campaign Setting contains a number of unique races that are not in keeping with the Pathfinder game system. Any relevant changes are listed here.

Hero Points – This game will be using the Hero Point system described in the Advanced Player’s Guide of the Pathfinder gaming system. This will be replacing the Action Point system described in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

Prestige Classes – Many prestige classes fit well into the Eberron world, but were created using 3.5 rules. Updates will be posted here for easy reference.

Main Page

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